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International Communication Institute (ICI)

The International Communication Institute, founded in 1987, is a language institute based in Tokyo, Japan.
Our mission is to bridge cultural differences by providing the most effective and efficient language training through analog and digital services.
ICI is continuing to do its best to provide meaningful content for those interested in studying Japanese.

URL : https://icijapan.com/

A word from the author

Studying a foreign language is thrilling to me. I feel as if I am stepping into a new, unknown world - a world with new sounds, new words, new structures. The most important thing, though, and also the most interesting, has to be the new mindset and new perspective on culture.

Learning Japanese - a completely foreign language to most of you - should be fun and exciting! eSUN is guaranteed to provide you with excitement and fun. You'll gain listening and speaking skills as well as a true understanding of the language's mechanics and mindsets.

The more you learn Japanese, the broader and deeper you'll expand the arena in which you can enjoy communication in Japanese with Japanese.

People say: A little language goes a long way.
And I’d say: More language goes a deeper way.


Articles contributed to the Daily Yomiuri by the author of SUN, Shigekatsu Yamauchi