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Name: Bobby Valentine (Former head coach for the Chiba Lotte Marines / New York Mets)
I have finished book one and I must say I am very excited. They are fantastic! Hopefully my next email will be in Nihongo!!
Name: James H. Latimer
I have dabbled in Japanese for over 20 years and used many Nihongo textbooks – some better than others.
However Step Up Nihongo is truly in a class by itself !!
Step Up Nihongo’s beautiful layout is extremely user-friendly – the casual learner will immediately begin learning practical Nihongo for everyday use.
In addition, Step Up Nihongo’s exceptionally clear and penetrating explanations about the mechanics of Japanese are by far the best I’ve ever seen.
Step Up Nihongo is very satisfying and fun to use.
Name: Ken Hilliard
Dear ICI,
I'm writing in regards to the Step up Nihongo text. I bought Step up Nihongo 1 about 3 weeks ago at Kinokuniya books, and I'm extremely happy with it. I've been living in Tokyo for almost 2 years now and I've bought about 15 different books and learning aides to help me learn Japanese, with almost no luck. 6 months ago I started taking private lessons from a Japanese teacher, but I have only made it to chapter 5 of the book we are using. However after starting to use SUN I have made very quick and very surprising progress. It is set up perfectly for my learning style: Short lessons, great new vocabulary explanations, lots and lots of drills with simple progression, and by far the best and easiest to understand grammar lessons I've seen. I'm amazed at the speed of my learning now, so is my Japanese teacher.
Before I felt that studying Japanese was about as much fun as undergoing dental surgery with a rusty power drill, but now I look forward to studying.
Name: David March
With e-SUN I still love that all the lessons have MULTIPLE videos and provide the student with a conversational ability first, but provide real written Japanese and Romaji at the same time to practice reading with. I ran the demo's again tonight with the videos covered to see if I could keep up with the Japanese captions. I still have my certificate on my wall, and display it proudly.
Thank you very much again for helping me complete that program.
Name: Beverley Curran
I love SUN! I use it to practice every day, and can always fit it into a busy schedule. It has video modeling, voice recording, useful and interesting linguistic and cultural information, and provides lots of practice and a flexible pace.
Name: Student of eSUN 1
Thank you for stepupnihongo, this Japanese e-learning program is very useful for me.
I love listening to lessons which I can see the movie and also its mixed together between easy and difficult lessons which does not make students be bored. Grammar quite difficult but good explanation.
Speaking lesson also makes me relax because of it can re-record which i can shoot the best record of myself.
Overall, very good and program is easy to use.
Thank you very much.
・Name: Evie (from Indonesia)
By experiencing from the Sakura blossom level 1 up to Autumn colour at level 3, I was able to build up with solid structure and precise grammar which enable me to express in Japanese language confidently.

・Name: Lely (from Indonesia)
I am so excited ever since I take the e-lesson, the materials is really useful to practice in daily conversation. And can get a better understanding to use it in working environmental as well.
I just hope that in the future there will be on line classroom even it’s once a month where we can practice on line With other students and have an interaction with each others.
Coz I think to learn language we have to really active to use it into practice.

・Name: Weny (from Indonesia)
I was very grateful to have an opportunity to learning Japanese online.
As a beginner in Japanese language learning, I learnt so much from this site in a year.