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“Step Up Nihongo” textbook is a supplementary aid of the “eSUN” e-learning course. (Not sold individually.)
The textbook can be chosen from the English version of Chinese version. These textbooks will be a help for those who wish to review what was introduced in the eSUN courses.
Book 1
level 1

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Upon completion, you can use greetings and other useful expressions appropriately; carry out basic conversations through the use of basic Japanese; and perform necessary tasks, such as shopping, asking directions, making requests, inviting, etc

  • Book title:Step Up Nihongo 1(PDF)
  • Book+mp3 Price:¥3,300 (tax included)
Book 2
level 2

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Upon completion, you can talk about time and locations, make phone calls, ask people to do something or consult them; make careful and polite expressions, express likes & dislikes and permission & prohibitions; exhibit feelings in an indirect manner; and also carry out casual conversations with close friends.

  • Book title:Step Up Nihongo 2(PDF)
  • Book+mp3 Price:¥3,300 (tax included)
Book 3
level 3

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Upon completion, you can express your wishes to others; compare things in varied ways; and speak more precisely with nuances, such as appearance, estimation, intention, reporting, probability, possibility, suggestion, recommendation, obligation, duty, general expectation, preparation, experience, etc.

  • Book title:Step Up Nihongo 3(PDF)
  • Book+mp3 Price:¥3,300 (tax included)
Book 4
level 4

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Upon completion, you can develop more in-depth friendship; appreciate basic difference between spoken language and written language; express a third-person's emotions appropriately; carry out confessions and opinions; and manipulate sophisticated language, like business negotiations and presentations.

  • Book title:Step Up Nihongo 4(PDF)
  • Book+mp3 Price:¥3,300 (tax included)

Bussiness Japanese Course

BJ-1:Business Japanese 1
Business Japanese 1
  • Title:ビジネスのための日本語
BJ-2:Business Japanese 2
Business Japanese 2
  • Title:商談のための日本語
BJ-A:Business Japanese Advanced
Business Japanese Advanced
  • Title:実戦ビジネス日本語会話