eSUN has been developed for adults who wish to build a firm understanding of Japanese “Step by Step” complete with real-life videos, Drills and lots of interactive functions! Divided into 4 Levels (Step-1, Step-2, Step-3, Step-4), eSun is a comprehensive e-learning course for enthusiastic self-studying users. Each Level consists of 25 Lessons. After every 5 Lessons there is a REVIEW QUIZ with Speaking Tests. All of this for just \25,000+tax. Also by adding the Private Online Class option, the learner will have access to take 5 Online Classes that is based on the eSUN course content. These Online Classes will be conducted by ICI’s professional Japanese instructors and will focus on using what was introduced in the eSUN course. Learners will undergo lot’s of speaking exercises with the instructor, which will help acquire the language precisely. Each Online Class is 45 minutes long.

eSUN Step-1

Approx. 75 hours (valid for 6 months)

Upon completion, you can use greetings and other useful expressions appropriately; carry out basic conversations through the use of basic Japanese; and perform necessary tasks, such as shopping, asking directions, making requests, inviting, etc.

¥27,500 (tax included) eSUN Step-1
¥49,500 (tax included) eSUN Step-1 + Online Class

6-month access

eSUN Step-2

Approx. 75 hours (valid for 6 months)

Upon completion, you can talk about time and locations, make phone calls, ask people to do something or consult them; make careful and polite expressions, express likes & dislikes and permission & prohibitions; exhibit feelings in an indirect manner; and also carry out casual conversations with close friends.

¥27,500 (tax included) eSUN Step-2
¥49,500 (tax included) eSUN Step-2 + Online Class

6-month access

eSUN Step-3

Approx. 100 hours (valid for 6 months)

Upon completion, you can express your wishes to others; compare things in varied ways; and speak more precisely with nuances, such as appearance, estimation, intention, reporting, probability, possibility, suggestion, recommendation, obligation, duty, general expectation, preparation, experience, etc.

¥27,500 (tax included) eSUN Step-3
¥49,500 (tax included) eSUN Step-3 + Online Class

6-month access

eSUN Step-4

Approx. 100 hours(valid for 6 months)

Upon completion, you can develop more in-depth friendship; appreciate basic difference between spoken language and written language; express a third-person's emotions appropriately; carry out confessions and opinions; and manipulate sophisticated language, like business negotiations and presentations.

¥27,500 (tax included) eSUN Step-4
¥49,500 (tax included) eSUN Step-4 + Online Class

6-month access

Level Check tool

If you are not sure about which Level to begin with, please take the Level Check tool to determine your Level.

Key Points

eSUN provides easy-to-understand but in-depth explanations for adult learners to understand “HOW” this language works. Together with the explanations, eSUN provides many components for practicing to actually become able to use what has been taught. Also, your listening skill & grammar understanding are tested instantaneously, and your speaking ability will be graded by our Japanese graders and its results will be given.

Human assessment

Professional graders will assess student’s speaking skill.


User-friendly interface

User-friendly interface with easy-to-understand explanations.


Practice Tools

eSUN provides many drills for practicing speaking.





  • The videos consist of real-life situations taking place between F (Foreigner) and J (Japanese).
  • Always come back to the Dialog when finishing each Lesson, you will be amazed with your improvement.


  • Apart from the newly introduced words in the Dialog, additional related vocabulary and phrases are provided.
  • Listen and practice pronouncing each word.


  • Here supplementary notes about the video dialog are provided.
  • Cultural tips about Japan and Japanese are also provided where appropriate.


  • Japanese is a very form-oriented language, and its grammar rules are quite regular and straightforward with few exceptions if properly analyzed. Such regularity is analyzed and explained in detail.
  • Japanese mindset woven in the language is also discussed in detail where applicable.


  • Here you practice listening & speaking skills for what you have learned in the Grammar section.
  • You will always see two characters, “genderless” and “ageless” in each drill. Listen carefully to the patterns and practice speaking by projecting yourself to the brown character and recording your own voice in the voice recorder.

Listening Test

  • Here you will challenge your listening ability by listening to the audio and answering the questions by clicking on the appropriate answer.


  • Here you will be given a situation you might encounter. Respond by recording your answer with the voice recorder.
  • Sample answers are provided for comparing with your own.
review quiz

Review Quiz

  • After every 5 Lessons there is a Review Quiz.
  • Each Review Quiz is divided into 3 sections: Listening, Grammar and Speaking.
  • The Speaking test will be graded by Japanese graders. The results will be shown on the “Report page” in eSUN.
mastery test

Mastery Test

  • At the end of each Level there is a Mastery Test.
  • If you score more than 70%, you will be presented with the Step Up Nihongo course completion certificate.

Ninja SUNtaro

  • Ninja SUNtaro may give you some additional (interesting) tips and information. Check what he has to say.